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Crystal Gridding Full Guide

Supercharge Your Life: A Comprehensive Guide to Crystal Gridding

In the vast and vibrant world of crystals, each stone, with its unique energy, can harmonize with ours to foster balance, healing, and harmony. Crystals, in their myriad forms – be it Clear Quartz, the ‘master healer’, or Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love – vibrate at different frequencies due to their mineral content, colour, and size.

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Life Activation Session

What to Expect in a Life Activation Session

The practitioner then performs the Life Activation ritual, handed down through the Mystery School Lineage for decades. This ritual involves the use of sacred geometry and other ancient tools to activate the 22 strands of DNA within your body.

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life activation

The Benefits of Life Activation

Relief from Anxiety: This therapy provides relief from anxiety, helping you to lead a more calm and peaceful life.

Awakens Your Divine Blueprint: The 22-strand DNA activation involved in a Life Activation session awakens your divine blueprint, which is the unique pattern that defines your potential and purpose.

Enhances Connection with Your Higher Self: This therapy heightens your connection with your Higher Self, leading to increased clarity and enhanced intuition.

Improves Personal Relationships: The heightened connection and increased clarity resulting from this therapy can lead to improved personal relationships.

Unlocks Your Full Potential: The process of Life Activation aligns you with your Higher Self, unlocking your full potential and enabling you to lead a more fulfilled, meaningful life.

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life activation

Discovering the Power of Life Activation

Life Activation is a transformative process that has been practiced for over three thousand years and still is unchanged over all this time. A unique healing method awakens your divine blueprint and heightens your connection with your Higher Self.

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