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Intuitive Life coach, Emotional release therapist, EMDR practitioner, Emotion Code Practitioner, Mindfulness Now teacher, Reiki Master

At an early age I realised that I felt strong emotions in my body with thought, I couldn’t understand why others didn’t.

I could sense what others were thinking or feeling although they were not acting in resonance with them at all. I would later go on to wake up to the fact I was an empath. This was all very well until I was taking on other people’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs as a child and being affected by different situations, events, relationships, traumas.




This would go on to be a destructive force that left me having what I would call a breakdown, where I was hospitalised for hyperventilation, but it was my awakening, it was one of the best things that could have happened to me.

I have gone on to have quite a few awakenings on my journey. It has taken a while to fully become present and aware. It often, but not always, sadly takes a grief, loss, near death experience, illness or something to get us to realise and wake us up, to the immense powerful beings that we are.

I don’t want it to take so long for you, it is not necessary. It is possible now, the energy coming in right now is upgrading us all are clearly and fast. Awareness is all around us, answers are everywhere, guidance and support is right here right now if we just Trust…… It is a privilege to be a witness on your journey…

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Thank you and blessings, Caroline.

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