Life Activation

What is a Life Activation?

This is the 22-strand DNA Activation that awakens your divine blueprint and heightens your connection with your Higher Self! While enabling you to bring in and anchor more Light (positive energy) in your physical body, the Life Activation also empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrevealed talents and abilities, and gives you more vitality and clarity. It begins a process of releasing unconscious patterns (old emotional traps we fall into), while increasing your ability to use more of your brain and clears family and genetic karmic patterns.

It is a tool of transformation dating back 3500 years ago from the lineage of King Solomon. This Ancient Mystery School teaching has been safeguarded so that we can share the wisdom and true ways of working with energy for light work. Through the power of light, you gain knowledge of self which opens your path consciousness and sense to joy. The ancient mystery school teaching handed down through The Modern Mystery School. 

How it works:

The process takes place in a safe place where I will use the tools to assist you on your path to self-fulfilment and free spirit. It is a one to one 1 – 1.5 hour session, which only requires a one time session for you to be activated and see your true path unfold. You will receive a set of Alchemical drops after the session that will further assist you in processing, clearing and maintaining the light.

Benefits include:

What to expect afterwards?

The healing will continue for one – three months after your session where you may experience periods of adjustment to challenging aspects of your life as the path becomes clearer. It will be important to be kind to yourself by taking the time to breath and meditate and incorporate other acts of self-love. It may also be helpful to keep a journal to remind you of your progress. Everyone’s experience is there own so embrace the period of transition.

My experience:

I had my own life activation after severely suffering with COVID-19 and seeing the true evil it held , I felt that I needed a spiritual upgrade to remove the negativity and put me back into the light. Since then, my life has transformed in so many ways from stronger relationships, better overall health and wellbeing and inner peace and joy.
I have now completed the Life Activation Practitioner course which I can now use share the wisdom, knowledge and light to help guide as many people as possible to by ultimately clearing your subtle energy bodies starting any blocks be mental, physical or emotional that have been passed through ancestry lines.

Price: £250 including the Alchemical drops £40

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Thank you and blessings, Caroline.

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