Life Activation Session

What to Expect in a Life Activation Session

A Life Activation session with a practitioner from the Modern Mystery School is a unique and transformative experience. The session begins with a discussion about your current state of being and what you hope to achieve through Life Activation.

The practitioner then performs the Life Activation ritual, handed down through the Mystery School Lineage for decades. This ritual involves the use of sacred geometry and other ancient tools to activate the 22 strands of DNA within your body.

The Life Activation therapy session is characterised by its depth and individualised approach. More than just a ritual, it’s a personalised journey aimed at reawakening your dormant potential. The process begins with an open dialogue where you share your current emotions, aspirations, and any specific challenges you are facing.

Understanding your unique circumstances enables the practitioner to tailor the therapy and bring a focussed perspective into the session. Once the conversation is concluded, the practitioner invokes the Life Activation ritual, a procedure steeped in ancient wisdom.

Sacred geometry and age-old tools are used to stimulate the 22 DNA strands in your body. This activation process is believed to awaken latent abilities, stimulate spiritual growth, and broaden consciousness.

As the therapy session wraps up, you will likely experience an emergent sense of tranquillity, equilibrium, and an enhanced connection with your higher self. This newfound harmony is designed to equip you with the tools to navigate life’s challenges with a more balanced perspective.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth? If so, we encourage you to join us for an in-person Life Activation session at a location near you. Our seasoned practitioners are eager to guide you through this enlightening experience. For more details on session schedules and locations, follow Caroline on Instagram. Regular post updates and valuable insights can be found there.

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